Gary Vee's Wife: A Look Into Her Life And Career


Gary Vee's wife, Lizzie Vaynerchuk, is a talented and successful businesswoman in her own right. While many people know about Gary's rise to fame as an entrepreneur and social media personality, Lizzie's story is less well-known. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Lizzie's background, her career, and her relationship with Gary.

Early Life and Education

Lizzie Vaynerchuk was born and raised in Belarus before immigrating to the United States with her family when she was a child. She attended Rutgers University, where she earned a degree in psychology. After graduation, she began working in the fashion industry, starting with an internship at Ralph Lauren.

Her Career in Fashion

Lizzie's career in fashion quickly took off, and she worked for many top brands, including Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste. She eventually became the director of wholesale at the fashion house of Zac Posen. During her time in the industry, she developed a reputation for her business acumen and her ability to build strong relationships with buyers and retailers.

Meeting Gary Vee

Lizzie met Gary Vee through a mutual friend in 2003. At the time, Gary was running his family's wine business, and Lizzie was working in fashion. Despite their different backgrounds, they quickly hit it off and began dating.

Their Marriage and Family

Gary and Lizzie were married in 2004, and they now have two children together. Lizzie has been a constant source of support for Gary throughout his career, and the two of them often collaborate on business ventures.

Her Role in Gary's Business

While Gary is the face of his brand, Lizzie plays an important behind-the-scenes role in his business. She manages the financial side of their operations, and she also helps to plan and execute their marketing campaigns.

Her Philanthropic Work

In addition to her work in fashion and business, Lizzie is also passionate about philanthropy. She is a board member of the Pencils of Promise charity, which works to build schools and improve education in developing countries.

Her Personal Interests

When she's not working, Lizzie enjoys spending time with her family and pursuing her personal interests. She is an avid traveler and has visited many countries around the world. She also enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

Lizzie's Advice for Women in Business

As a successful businesswoman, Lizzie has some valuable advice for other women who are looking to make their mark in the business world. She believes that it's important to be confident in yourself and your abilities, and to never give up on your goals.


Lizzie Vaynerchuk may not be as well-known as her husband, but she is a talented and successful businesswoman in her own right. Her career in fashion, her philanthropic work, and her role in Gary's business are all testament to her intelligence, drive, and commitment. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of who Lizzie is and what she has accomplished.