How To Lace Up Corset

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Dont overtighten – just pull your corset snug. Loop over and then under the long part of the lacing.

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You now have a half hitch.

How to lace up corset. Let your body adjust to the corset and in 15 minutes to half an hour youll be able to tighten the corset. Tighten it against the edge of the corset. To finish the lacing off tighten the corset to your liking readjust your bust and tighten again then tie with a bow or double knotted bow.

And then up through the hole made by the lacing next to the edge of the corset. It is critical that you start at the side with the half-spaced grommet or the corset will not lace evenly. If you are learning how to lace a corset we recommend that you start here.

To tighten the laces I slip a finger underneath the cross at the bottom of the corset and pull then the next cross then the next etc until you get to the middle. After about 60 min you can tighten your corset. Continue threading lacing through grommets until you get to the top of the corset.

Tighten your corset gradually pulling the laces until the corset is gently comfortably snug. When you get to the middle you. It is essential to season your corset before beginning waist training tight lacing or special occasion use.

Pull the laces and even out the gap in the lacing. Wear for short periods of time 60-90 minutes increasing the time every 2-3 days.

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