How To Wear Stick On Bra

You can try Brassy Bra for some uplift stickers or go the DIY route and use something like Boobie Tape to fashion your own backless solution. All thanks to our lingerie market for spoiling us with options to go beneath these new-age clothes.

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Steps On How To Wear Stick On Bra Step 1.

How to wear stick on bra. Flip the cups inside out to apply the bra without air bubbles forming. Position the cup of the Stick-On Bra vertically on your breast. Dont just directly put on a stick-on bra like you wear your normal ones for this could cause your.

Wash your stick-on bra after you wear it every time so that it maintains its stickiness. BoobyTape is a great option for DIY uplift. Stick on bras can be extremely empowering for a woman.

Simply pop the cups so that the adhesive is sticking out and the front side is concave. Hold on to it for a few minutes until it sticks properly If clasps are present then hold them in place and pull the bra together this way you can create a nice cleavage. Hand wash it with mild detergent and water and let it air dry.

This will maximise the lift you get from the stick on bra cups. Protect the adhesive with the clear plastic sheets that come with the bra. These bras come with an adjuster at the centre that allows you to control the level of the push-up.

Make sure you dont use any moisturiser or cream on your skin before applying the stick on bra. Theyre slightly different to the classic design so you may. It is advisable to tackle one breast at a time.

If there are gaps or you need to readjust the positioning just peel the bra off and try again. Smooth the cups onto your boob to ensure all the edges are stuck onto your boob. As much as backless and strapless blouses are sexy they are quite tricky as well.

Once the process is over wait for a few minutes to see if the bra comes off. Talking about intimates that hardly reveal themselves we cant deny how significant the stick-on bras have become in our day-to. Make Sure Your Ladies Are Dry.

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the desired effect so simply peel it off and reapply its always best to put one cup on at a time. When you go to apply the cups itll. Stick the cups from the bottom part of your boob upwards lifting your boob before sticking the top part.

Get an added oomph factor with strapless push-up stick on bras. Take of the plastic sheet from the bra adhesives and place it rightly on your breasts. Supplied If you want to try some sticky bras that might feel a bit more supportive Id suggest giving either uplift cups or a corset sticky bra a go.

The clasp should be facing downwards. Now start sticking the cup from your underboob lifting your breasts gently and moving upwards. The first step on making sure that your stick-on bra stays in place is by.

Now get that perfect cleavage in a jiffy. Put your stick on bra on in front of a mirror to get the fit symmetrical. The real challenge begins when you have to find suitable innerwear to go along.

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