Judd Nelson Married: A Look Into His Personal Life

Who is Judd Nelson?

Judd Asher Nelson is an American actor, screenwriter, and producer. He was born on November 28, 1959, in Portland, Maine. Nelson is best known for his role as John Bender in the 1985 classic movie, The Breakfast Club.

Nelson's Personal Life

Despite being in the public eye for many years, Judd Nelson has managed to keep his personal life private. However, one topic that has been of interest to his fans is his marital status.

Marriage Rumors

Over the years, there have been rumors about Judd Nelson's marriage. Some tabloids have reported that he was married, while others claimed that he was single. But what is the truth?

The Truth About Judd Nelson's Marital Status

As of 2023, Judd Nelson is not married. He has never been married and has no children. Although he has been in several relationships over the years, he has never tied the knot with anyone.

Why Has Judd Nelson Never Been Married?

There are many possible reasons why Judd Nelson has never been married. One possible reason is that he has been focusing on his career. Nelson has been acting for over three decades, and he has appeared in over 80 movies and TV shows. His dedication to his craft may have left little time for a serious relationship.

Another reason could be that he has not found the right person yet. Nelson has been linked to several women over the years, but none of those relationships have led to marriage. It is possible that he is waiting for the right person to come along before he ties the knot.

Judd Nelson's Love Life

Despite not being married, Judd Nelson has had several high-profile relationships over the years. In the 1980s, he was linked to actress and model, Jami Gertz. The two appeared together in several movies, including Less Than Zero and Twister.

In the 1990s, Nelson was in a relationship with actress Shannen Doherty. The two met on the set of the movie, Blindfold: Acts of Obsession, and dated for a few years.

In recent years, Nelson has been linked to actress and singer, Brooke Shields. The two were spotted together at several events, but they have never confirmed their relationship.

The Future of Judd Nelson's Love Life

It is impossible to predict what the future holds for Judd Nelson's love life. He may choose to remain single and focus on his career, or he may meet someone special and decide to settle down.

Regardless of his relationship status, Judd Nelson's fans will continue to support him and his work. He has been entertaining audiences for over three decades, and his talent and charisma have made him a beloved figure in Hollywood.


Judd Nelson may not be married, but he has had a rich and fulfilling personal life. He has been in several high-profile relationships over the years, and he has remained dedicated to his craft throughout his career.

As of 2023, Judd Nelson is still single, but who knows what the future holds? Fans will continue to follow his career and personal life with interest, and we can only hope that he finds happiness and fulfillment in whatever he chooses to do.