Panties Over Or Under Garter

For instance if you are wearing a garter belt for a photoshoot you should wear it over. Stocking and garter belt stay on.

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Makes it easier to get it off if you are out and for the lookaccess you are talk just takes a pull rather than unclipping 4-6 garter tabs.

Panties over or under garter. Do I wear my pants under my suspender belt or over it. Think of all those bathroom breaks not to mention other reasons that make it so much more practical to wear your panties UNDER not OVER you garter belt. If you go for a dinner but plan on having fun wear a suspender tight.

Why do we get asked. The garter belt should have a set of shorter straps and longer straps. And was surprised to see their garters have an even mix in the photos of over and under the underwear.

Normally panties would be worn under the garter. Would never have believed it unless I saw it. But you have options.

Pair them with great panties Pair your garter belt with a beautiful pair of panties in either the same color or a complementary one. Traditionally when women wore them every day panty absolutely went over. If you want to take your panties all the way off you just unsnap the garter belt from the stocking and slide them down.

Underwear goes underneath them and because the straps are on the side they dont get in the way for bathroom access. The longer straps should be in the back which will allow you to bend and sit more comfortably. Or you can keep them over.

Panties worn on Top This is the most traditional way of wearing panties with your girdle garter or body briefer corselette. You often see photos with them under and I dont know if its just people dont know how to wear them or the photographer thinks it ruins the line of the garter otherwise. I always wear my panties over my garter belt.

Hand wash your garter Keep your garter belt in good shape by hand washing it in a mild detergent. Youre not going to see it in magazine editorials this way and its not the kind of thing most of our mothers would teach us but its a game-changer. The garter belt straps are on the outside of your leg.

When designing a lingerie outfit it is standard practice to photograph the pants underneath the belt meaning the suspender belt can be seen in all its glory. When these garments are pictured the garments are always worn over panties so naturally a modern day wearer would think thats the best way to wear them. It can be worn either way but you may want to put the panties over them so when you need the bathroom you will not have to undo the nylons to get your panties down.

So anyone buying a suspender belt sees. The answer to this lies with the lingerie designers. Convenient for sex as well.

Carefully slip on your thigh highs you can keep the tops of your pantyhose as high or as low as you are comfortable with. However for daily wear you should wear a garter belt under. It will be strange.

This is the 1 secret trick. However If your plan is to have sex with the garter and stockings on itd be most practical to wear your panties over it or pick up some panties with bow style or velcro sides. For some the women are wearing over and on other items theyre wearing under.

That way they could lower pantry to use washroom. Sales of garter belts rose 15 after Susan Sarandon wore them in the 1988 film Bull Durham. The reason for this is to avoid situations where the garter holds your panties out.

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