Roger Jenkins Net Worth: Everything You Need To Know


Roger Jenkins is a name that has been making headlines in the financial world for several years. He is known for his significant contributions to the banking sector and his impressive net worth. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Roger Jenkins’ net worth and how he achieved such financial success.

Early Life and Career

Roger Jenkins was born in 1955 in the United Kingdom. He graduated from the University of Westminster with a degree in Business Studies. He started his career in banking in 1978 when he joined Barclays Bank as a graduate trainee.

Over the years, Jenkins worked his way up the ranks, taking on various roles in different banking institutions. He gained significant experience and knowledge in the banking sector, which helped him in his later years when he made some of his most significant financial gains.

The Rise of Roger Jenkins

In the early 2000s, Roger Jenkins became a key figure in the banking industry. He joined Barclays Capital and was responsible for building the bank’s Middle Eastern operations. He was instrumental in securing high-profile deals, such as the acquisition of ABN Amro.

Jenkins’ success in the banking industry led to his net worth skyrocketing. According to Forbes, his net worth in 2008 was estimated to be $100 million. However, this figure increased significantly over the years.

The Financial Crisis of 2008

The financial crisis of 2008 had a significant impact on the banking sector, and Roger Jenkins was not immune to its effects. He left Barclays in 2009, following a scandal involving the bank’s tax avoidance practices.

It was reported that Jenkins had used a scheme to avoid paying millions of pounds in taxes. This led to his resignation from Barclays and an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs.

Post-Barclays Career

After leaving Barclays, Roger Jenkins kept a relatively low profile. He focused on his personal investments and started his own investment firm, Jenkins Group LLC. The company’s main focus was on real estate investments.

Despite the scandal at Barclays, Jenkins remained a respected figure in the finance industry. He continued to make significant investments, and his net worth continued to grow.

Current Net Worth

As of 2023, Roger Jenkins’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 billion. This figure makes him one of the wealthiest people in the UK.

Jenkins’ wealth comes from his investments in various industries, including real estate, technology, and finance. He has also made significant donations to several charitable organizations, showing that he is not just interested in making money.


Roger Jenkins has been involved in several philanthropic endeavors over the years. He has donated to several charitable organizations, including the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and the NSPCC.

Jenkins has also been involved in various educational initiatives. He has donated to the University of Westminster, his alma mater, and has helped fund scholarships for students.


Roger Jenkins is a key figure in the finance industry. He has made significant contributions to the banking sector over the years and has amassed an impressive net worth as a result. Despite the scandal at Barclays, Jenkins has remained a respected figure in the industry and has continued to make significant investments. His philanthropic efforts also show that he is not just interested in making money but is also committed to giving back to society.