Everything You Need To Know About Season 5 Of Glades


The Glades is a popular American police procedural drama television series that premiered on A&E in 2010. The show has gained a significant following over the years, with fans eagerly anticipating the release of each new season. Season 5 of Glades is no exception, and fans are buzzing with excitement about what's in store for their favorite characters.


Season 5 of Glades picks up where the previous season left off, with the aftermath of the shooting of Jim Longworth (played by Matt Passmore), a detective in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The season follows Longworth's recovery and his efforts to track down the person responsible for the shooting.


The cast of Glades remains largely unchanged in Season 5, with Matt Passmore reprising his role as Jim Longworth. Other returning cast members include Kiele Sanchez as Longworth's love interest Callie Cargill, Carlos Gómez as Medical Examiner Carlos Sanchez, and Michelle Hurd as Longworth's boss Colleen Manus.

New Characters

Season 5 of Glades introduces several new characters to the mix, including a new detective in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a crime boss with ties to Longworth's past, and a new love interest for Carlos Sanchez.


As with previous seasons, Season 5 of Glades explores themes of crime, justice, and morality. The season also delves deeper into Longworth's personal life, exploring his relationships with his family and friends.


Season 5 of Glades consists of 13 episodes, with each episode running approximately 45 minutes. Some of the most highly anticipated episodes of the season include “Shotgun Wedding,” “Killer Barbecue,” and “Family Matters.”


Critics and fans alike have praised Season 5 of Glades, citing its strong writing, engaging characters, and thrilling plot twists. The season has also received high ratings, with many viewers tuning in each week to see what happens next.


Overall, Season 5 of Glades promises to be an exciting and action-packed addition to the series. With a talented cast, gripping plotlines, and a loyal fanbase, the show is sure to continue to be a hit with audiences for years to come. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with Jim Longworth and the rest of the Glades crew!