Stetson Bennett's Parents Married: A Look Into The Life Of The Georgia Bulldogs Quarterback


Stetson Bennett is a name that has been making waves in the world of college football. The Georgia Bulldogs quarterback has been making headlines for his impressive performances on the field, but many are also interested in his personal life. One topic that has been of particular interest is whether or not Stetson Bennett’s parents are married. In this article, we will take a closer look at Stetson Bennett’s family life and answer this burning question.

Who is Stetson Bennett?

Before we dive into the topic of Stetson Bennett’s parents, let’s first take a look at who he is. Stetson Bennett is a quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs football team. He was born on January 1, 1998, in Blackshear, Georgia. Bennett’s football career began in high school, where he played for Pierce County High School. After graduation, he attended Georgia Southern University, where he played football for two years before transferring to Jones County Junior College. In 2019, Bennett transferred to the University of Georgia, where he currently plays.

Stetson Bennett’s Family Life

Now that we have a better understanding of who Stetson Bennett is, let’s take a closer look at his family life. Stetson Bennett was born to parents Bonnie and Greg Bennett. According to reports, Stetson’s parents have been married for several years. However, there is not much information available about their relationship, as they tend to keep their personal lives private.

Stetson Bennett’s Relationship with His Parents

While there isn’t much information available about Stetson Bennett’s parents’ marriage, we do know that he has a strong relationship with both of them. In interviews, Bennett has spoken about how important his parents have been in his life and how they have supported him throughout his football career. He has also mentioned that they are a big reason why he chose to attend the University of Georgia, as it is close to his hometown and allows his parents to attend his games.

The Impact of Stetson Bennett’s Parents on His Football Career

It’s clear that Stetson Bennett’s parents have played an important role in his life, but how have they impacted his football career? According to Bennett, his parents have always been supportive of his passion for football and have encouraged him to pursue his dreams. They have attended his games and provided him with the support he needs to succeed. This support has been crucial in helping Bennett become the successful football player he is today.

Stetson Bennett’s Future

As Stetson Bennett continues to make waves in the world of college football, many are wondering what his future holds. While it’s impossible to predict what will happen next, one thing is for sure – Bennett’s parents will continue to be a source of support for him. Whether he continues to play football or pursues other opportunities, his family will undoubtedly be by his side every step of the way.


In conclusion, Stetson Bennett’s parents are indeed married, and they have played an important role in his life and football career. While there isn’t much information available about their relationship, it’s clear that they have provided Bennett with the support and encouragement he needs to succeed. As we continue to watch Bennett’s career unfold, we can be sure that his family will be there every step of the way.