The Challenge Season 38: Vevmo


The Challenge is a reality competition show that has been running since the late 90s. It brings together contestants from previous seasons of various reality shows to compete in a series of physical and mental challenges. Season 38, titled Vevmo, promises to be an exciting spectacle with its unique format and fresh cast members.


The format for season 38 is different from previous seasons. Instead of the usual individual or team challenges, contestants will be divided into three groups: Veterans, Rookies, and International players. Each group will compete against each other in challenges, and the losing group will have to nominate two players for elimination. The winning group will then vote on which player from the losing group will go home.

Cast Members

Season 38 will see the return of some fan-favorite veterans, such as Johnny Bananas, Wes Bergmann, and CT Tamburello. The rookies are a mix of reality show contestants from various shows, including Survivor, Love Island, and Big Brother. The international players come from all corners of the globe, including Australia, Nigeria, and the UK.


The challenges in The Challenge are always a highlight of the show, and season 38 promises to be no different. The challenges are designed to test the physical and mental abilities of the contestants, and this season will feature some of the most challenging yet. From endurance challenges to puzzles, the contestants will need to be at the top of their game to stay in the competition.


The elimination rounds are where the contestants really need to prove their worth. The losing group will nominate two players for elimination, and the winning group will vote on which player will go home. The elimination challenges are intense, and only the strongest and most determined players will survive.


No reality show is complete without drama, and The Challenge is no exception. With a mix of veterans, rookies, and international players, there is sure to be some tension and conflict between contestants. The living arrangements also add to the drama, with the contestants all living together in a house, which can lead to clashes and arguments.

The Best Contestants

Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas is one of the most successful contestants in The Challenge history. He has won the competition seven times and is known for his strategic gameplay and ability to manipulate the other contestants. He is back for season 38, and it will be interesting to see if he can continue his winning streak.

Wes Bergmann

Wes Bergmann is another veteran of The Challenge. He has competed in 13 seasons and has won twice. He is known for his intense competitive spirit and his ability to make alliances with other contestants. He is back for season 38, and fans are excited to see what he will bring to the competition.

Emy Alupei

Emy Alupei is a Romanian reality TV star who is making her debut on The Challenge in season 38. She is known for her fierce attitude and her determination to win. She has already made an impression on the other contestants, and fans are excited to see how she will do in the competition.

The Worst Contestants

Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez is a former winner of Big Brother who has competed on The Challenge before. He is known for his emotional outbursts and his tendency to make decisions based on his feelings rather than logic. He is back for season 38, and fans are already bracing themselves for his drama.

Tracy Candela

Tracy Candela is a reality TV star from Love Island USA who is making her debut on The Challenge in season 38. She is known for her lack of experience in physical challenges and her tendency to rely on her looks to get by. Many fans are already predicting that she will be one of the first contestants to go home.

Burna Khouri

Burna Khouri is a Nigerian reality TV star who is making his debut on The Challenge in season 38. He is known for his arrogance and his tendency to underestimate his opponents. He has already clashed with some of the other contestants, and fans are eager to see how he will fare in the competition.


Overall, season 38 of The Challenge promises to be an exciting and intense competition. With its unique format, fresh cast members, and challenging gameplay, fans are eagerly anticipating the premiere. Who will emerge as the ultimate champion? We'll have to wait and see.