Uw Kronos Remote Access: The Ultimate Guide For 2023

KRONOS Remote Access Instructions v3 UW Blogs blogs.uw.edu/.../KRONOS
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In today’s world, remote work has become the new norm, and companies are adapting to it by providing their employees with the necessary tools to work from home. One of the most popular tools for managing employee attendance and schedules is Kronos. And with the University of Washington (UW) being one of the leading educational institutions in the world, it’s no surprise that they use Kronos for their employee management as well. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about UW Kronos Remote Access.

What is UW Kronos?

Kronos is a workforce management software that helps organizations manage employee attendance, schedules, and other related tasks. UW Kronos is the version of Kronos that the University of Washington uses to manage its employee workforce.

Why is UW Kronos Remote Access Important?

With the rise of remote work and the need for flexibility in the workplace, UW Kronos Remote Access has become an essential tool for UW employees. It allows employees to access their schedules, request time off, and check their timecards from anywhere in the world.

How to Access UW Kronos Remotely?

To access UW Kronos remotely, employees need to follow a few simple steps. First, they need to make sure they have a stable internet connection. Then, they need to log in to the UW Remote Access Gateway using their UW NetID and password. Once they are connected to the gateway, they can access UW Kronos by typing in the following URL: https://kronos.uw.edu/wfc/logon.

Features of UW Kronos Remote Access

UW Kronos Remote Access comes with a range of features that make it easier for employees to manage their schedules and timecards. Some of the key features include the ability to view and request time off, check and manage their schedules, and review their timecards.

Tips for Using UW Kronos Remote Access

To make the most of UW Kronos Remote Access, employees should follow a few tips. First, they should make sure to log in regularly to check their schedules and timecards. Second, they should use the system to request time off well in advance, as this will help managers plan their schedules more effectively. Finally, they should familiarize themselves with the system’s features and functions to make the most of it.

Benefits of UW Kronos Remote Access

UW Kronos Remote Access comes with a range of benefits for both employees and managers. For employees, it provides flexibility and the ability to manage their schedules from anywhere in the world. For managers, it helps them plan their schedules more effectively and ensure that they have enough staff to cover their shifts.


In conclusion, UW Kronos Remote Access is a vital tool for UW employees who work remotely or have flexible schedules. It provides them with the flexibility they need to manage their schedules and timecards effectively. By following the tips outlined in this article, employees can make the most of UW Kronos Remote Access and enjoy the benefits it provides.