Who Is Jelly Roll Married To?

The Rise of Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll, also known as Jason DeFord, is a popular American rapper from Nashville, Tennessee. He has been active in the music industry since 2005 and has gained a massive following over the years. Jelly Roll's unique style of music has resonated with fans all around the world, and he continues to make headlines with his latest projects.

The Personal Life of Jelly Roll

Apart from his successful music career, fans are often curious about Jelly Roll's personal life, especially his marital status. Many fans wonder if Jelly Roll is married or not. In this article, we'll explore everything we know about Jelly Roll's personal life and who he is married to.

Jelly Roll's Early Life

Jelly Roll was born on December 4, 1986, in Nashville, Tennessee. He had a difficult childhood and was raised by his mother and stepfather. Jelly Roll struggled with addiction from a young age and spent several years in and out of jail.

Jelly Roll's Music Career

Despite his troubled past, Jelly Roll found solace in music. He began rapping at the age of 14 and soon started performing at local shows. In 2005, Jelly Roll released his first album, ‘Halfway House,' which received critical acclaim. He went on to release several more albums, including ‘A Beautiful Disaster' and ‘Sobriety Sucks.'

Jelly Roll's Personal Life

Jelly Roll has been very private about his personal life, and not much is known about his relationships. However, in 2018, Jelly Roll revealed that he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Bunnie Xo. The couple had been dating for several years and were set to tie the knot in 2019.

The Wedding of Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo

In 2019, Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo got married in a private ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee. The wedding was attended by close friends and family members, and Jelly Roll's fellow musicians also showed their support.

Jelly Roll's Relationship with Bunnie Xo

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo have been together for several years and have a strong bond. Bunnie Xo is also a musician and has collaborated with Jelly Roll on several projects. The couple often shares pictures and videos of each other on social media, showcasing their love for one another.

The Future of Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo's Relationship

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo's relationship seems to be going strong, and fans are excited to see what the future holds for the couple. They continue to support each other's music careers and are often seen performing together. It's clear that Jelly Roll has found his soulmate in Bunnie Xo, and fans can't get enough of their love story.

Jelly Roll's Latest Projects

Apart from his personal life, Jelly Roll has also been busy with his latest projects. In 2023, he released his latest album, ‘A Beautiful Mess,' which features collaborations with several popular artists. The album has received critical acclaim, and fans have been raving about Jelly Roll's unique style of music.

The Impact of Jelly Roll's Music

Jelly Roll's music has had a significant impact on the hip-hop industry. His honest lyrics and raw emotion have resonated with fans all around the world, and he has become a voice for those who have struggled with addiction and mental health issues. Jelly Roll's music has inspired many, and he continues to make a difference in the lives of his fans.


In conclusion, Jelly Roll is a talented rapper who has made a name for himself in the music industry. While he has been private about his personal life, we now know that he is married to Bunnie Xo, his longtime girlfriend. Jelly Roll's music continues to inspire and touch the hearts of many, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.